About Us

Gray Center’s storied journey began in 1946, when the Episcopalian Diocese of Mississippi purchased 210 acres of historic land in Madison County called “Rose Hill”. This future home of our Episcopal camp and conference center also contained a 40-acre lake, and members of the Diocese saw it as a “dream come true” to host the permanent spot for their Christian summer camp, which had shifted locations from place-to-place since the 1920s.

Although the site needed improvements, the first camp sessions were held in the summer of 1947 thanks to shelter provided by neighboring army bases. Dozens of young people pitched in to clear underbrush, prepare the lake for swimming, and recondition the army surplus buildings. Generations of young people, clergy and the lay public put in countless hours of loving labor as “Camp Bratton-Green” gradually took form. At some point during this process, the camp became a focal point of pride and unity for the entire Diocese.

Honoring Bishop Duncan M. Gray

In 1966, the property was renamed to honor Bishop Duncan M. Gray, under who’s leadership the land was first purchased and developed. After the acquisition of the Allison Wells property in 1985, the opportunity presented itself for expanding our “Gray Center” Christian outreach programs to individuals, the church family, and world at-large. Playing host to conferences, retreats, training programs and other events would help promote the spiritual and personal development of both Episcopalians and non-Episcopalians.

Those growth opportunities were made available not only to church groups, but also members of non-profit organizations, governmental agencies and businesses. As it’s grown into its role as more than just a summer camp, Gray Center today is a thriving Episcopal camp and conference center that attracts both Episcopalians and non-Episcopalians year-around.

Because of the relationships that it’s helped cultivate and nurture over the years, and the learning and spiritual growth that’s taken place here, Gray Center has come to symbolize the very heart of the Episcopalian Diocese of Mississippi.

Our Episcopal Camp and Conference Center Today

Today, Gray Center is known throughout the South as a thriving hospitality ministry that provides individuals the opportunity to realize their potential for better serving others through their chosen vocations and skills. It’s from Gray Center that so many of our Christ-focused missions and ministries have sprung; a trend that will continue moving forward. Today, Gray Center offers comfortable meeting, lodging and dining accommodations for groups of up to 200 persons, and our Gray Center Chapel holds a like number of worshippers.

Thanks to these fine facilities, along with the love and support of those comprising the Diocese of Mississippi, the loyal staff and Board of Managers at Gray Center can continue providing our hospitality ministry. We further gratefully acknowledge the invaluable support of those employees and volunteers who have worked so diligently over the years to demonstrate that “quality service” is the key to a successful Gray Center!