Camp Bratton-Green

Since 1947, Camp Bratton-Green has provided a Christian summer camp ministry supported by the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi. Our goal at Camp Bratton-Green is to have a safe, fun, and inspirational overnight summer camp environment for all campers and staff members.

At Camp Bratton-Green, campers engage in weekly sessions that include worship, small group discussions, games, team building and skits that are all centered around a Christian theme.


Thanks for everyone for such a great summer! Registration for Winter Solstice, our winter camp for high school youth, will begin October 2nd.

Tiered Pricing

Historically, camper fees charged for Camp Bratton-Green summer camp have not covered all summer camp expenses. To make up the difference, the Diocese, with assistance from the Trustees of the Diocese and individuals, have provided financial support to cover those expenses necessary to operate CBG for the summer, as well as maintaining the facility during other months of the year. 

The Diocese has realized that the “true” costs of operating CBG should be shared among our community, and families and others given the opportunity to participate, as they may be able, in offsetting the full cost of year-round operation. To that end, Camp Bratton-Green has instituted a three-tier pricing program for our 2023 summer camping program. Those tiers are detailed below.

Understanding that people have different abilities to pay, CBG has created the voluntary three-tier fee program so that families and others may choose the tier that is most suitable for their budget and situation, as well as giving people the opportunity to support CBG and its future. No matter which tier a family chooses, all campers will receive the same camp experience. 

Tier I - Primary $643 , All Other Sessions $978.00 

Tier I includes the cost of your child’s summer camp session experience ($661.00) as well as a donation of $317.00 to help operate Camp Bratton-Green year round. Your donation will assist in covering the costs of operating Winter Solstice and other Youth events (including food, lodging, Permanent Staff, Nursing and volunteer costs); administrative and maintenance department compensation & benefits; overhead costs (including property and casualty and workers comp insurance, utilities, fees & memberships); programming expenses; marketing; general office expenses; and general maintenance.

People who choose this rate are covering the costs of operating summer camp and then partnering with Camp Bratton-Green and the Diocese to ensure that Camp Bratton-Green continues to offer programming for children, youth and special campers throughout the year, well into the future. By selecting this registration tier, $317.00 of the $978.00 will be tax deductible.

Tier II -Primary $467, All Other Sessions $661.00 

Tier II includes those costs directly related to your child’s summer camp session experience and operating Camp Bratton-Green during the 2022 summer camp sessions. Paying registration at this level offers families and others the opportunity to cover the expenses of the summer operations. 

Families and others who support CBG at this level are making a financial commitment to the viability of the summer camping program for 2022 and beyond.

Tier III – Primary $350.00, All Other Sessions $450.00

These rates are based on historical charges but do not reflect the actual costs of operating summer camp, and don’t include any sum for the maintenance of Camp Bratton-Green for the remainder of the year. The difference in this fee and the actual cost is made up through support of the camping program by the Diocese (from its operating budget and otherwise), the Trustees, and contributions from individuals, churches, and other organizations.

Those choosing to support Camp Bratton-Green at this level are eligible to apply for need-based scholarship support.

Making Your Selection

Registration for campers will open on January 30, 2023. Additional information about the registration process, payment of camper fees, etc. is available on this website, The registration form, also available via the Gray Center website, will include details about how to apply for a need-based scholarship. 

It has long been the policy of Gray Center that no child, youth or adult who wants to attend CBG as a camper will be denied a camping experience because of the inability to pay the camper fee. All are welcomed and will be given the opportunity to attend camp regardless of the individual financial condition.

Our Camp Staff

Your camper’s safety and wellbeing are our highest priority, and that focus is supported through our dedicated commitment to camp staff and volunteer training. Each year our camp program is made possible by our permanent staff,  camp volunteers that are carefully selected, screened and trained in their designated activity areas and our awesome volunteer camp directors, plus a few surprise guests. 

Permanent Staff

Our camp program and support staff are college aged young adults who dedicate a summer to live as an intentional faith community filled with love, laughs and lots of lunch songs. Here at Camp Bratton-Green, we call this specially selected and trained group our Permanent Staff. You will find these young people doing everything from leading music and lifeguarding to starring in nightly faith themed skits.

Volunteer Staff

At Camp Bratton-Green, we are all family. An important part of our family is our cabin parents - these special people are selected and trained to serve and supervise our campers. Helping out in our cabins and around camp are our youth volunteers. 

To inquire about volunteer staff, please email [email protected].


Camp Bratton-Green is always lots of fun! Camp Bratton-Green offers campers a lifetime of adventures like arts and crafts, nature, kayaking and canoeing, swimming, music, skits, and much more. 


Camp Bratton-Green is a nurturing place where children of all ages are welcomed to learn more about themselves and fellow campers while experiencing the love of Christ. The core Christian principles of loving God and your neighbor, while respecting and upholding your fellow human being’s dignity, provide the spiritual framework for everything we do at Camp Bratton-Green!